In Home Photography in the Philly Area

Deer Baby believes in authentic and natural newborn and family photography. We put our heart into capturing the little details that make you a unique family. We love documenting the real which is why we try to keep posing to a minimum and prefer exploring who you are with real interactions. All of our newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. If you have a family with toddlers or older kids, we can also shoot in a nearby park or go for a walk through your PA neighborhood. Let’s tell your story. Please contact us!

1 Pregnant mommy cuddling with her toddler

2 Pregnant woman holding toddler

3 Little boy kissing mommys pregnant belly

4 Mommy cuddling with her son

5 Mommy and her boy cuddling

6 Mommy kissing her little boy

7 Family with newborn girl and toddler

8 Newborn girl cuddling with mommy

9 Parents adoring their smiling newborn

10 Newborn Rosie

11 Ginger toddler cuddling with his baby sister

12 Mommy cuddling with her 3 month old

13 Chubby baby legs

14 3 Month old eating her feet

1 family photo with 3 month old

2 Daddy eating toddlers foot

3 Family with toddler in a park

4 Daddy being goofy with his little girl

5 Daddy holding baby girl on his shoulders

6 Mommy kissing her little girl

7 Family by the water

1 Newborn Boy

2 Sleeping newborn boy

3 Newborn fingers and toes

4 family photo in nursery

5 Mommy and Daddy adoring their baby

6 Mommylove

7 Australian Shepard with Family

1 Twins

2 Nursery

3 Sleeping baby girl

4 Sleeping baby boy

5 Sleeping twins in crib

6 Newborn twins hugging eachother

7 Twins feet

1 Baby Girl

2 Family enjoying their baby girl

3 Mommy love

4 Baby girl supporting her head

5 Cat

6 Sleeping beauty

7 baby girl in her crib

1 Newborn Boy

2 3 siblings

3 Siblings having fun

4 Little girl peeking

5 sisters

6 3 month old boy with hood on

7 Family photo


We offer in home sessions for newborns, babies, toddlers, and families in Philadelphia and the West Chester area. Besides that we love photographing maternity sessions, birthday parties, and other special occasions. Email us or call 267-270-5713.