Meghan photographing Baby Sofia

April 19, 2016

Photographer Meghan: I think part of my job as a photographer is to put my clients at ease. This is where I’m thankful for that therapist hat I still wear from what seems like another lifetime. I could tell Julie was nervous about what to expect during our first conversation. I did my best to calm her fears by telling her, “we’ll just go with the flow.” Sure we can come up with a rough plan for how we want a session to go, but ultimately our tiny clients tend to call the shots. As a parent and a photographer flexibility and patience are essential, and that is what this session was all about: flexibility, patience, warmth, and understanding. All qualities Julie and Marcos seem to have in spades. I left their home thinking to myself what wonderful parents they are and how lucky little Sofia is that she chose them!

3 month old on tummy on bed

Sofia’s mom Julie: “We are big fans of clean and crisp photography. Those simple moments captured so purely — giving one the ability to look back years later and still feel every emotion and warm feeling of the day. There is something so special about that. We were excited for Sofia’s three month photo shoot — and Marcos and I knew we were in great hands after our first phone call with Meghan. She made us feel like we were in the hands of an old friend coming into our home to capture where we live, love and laugh with our little girl. However, as anyone with an infant can agree with.. things don’t always go as planned! That morning was a particularly tough one for Sofia (and mommy and daddy, too) as she had a bit of a fussy spell right before Meghan was to arrive.

When Meghan arrived we were greeted with nothing but smiles, warmth and understanding. She made us feel so at ease, reassured me that it was okay to take all the time we needed, nurse Sofia, and get her settled before we really began. After some mommy/daughter cuddles, Meghan was able to capture some of our favorite photos of Sofia to date. We could not have been happier with how everything ultimately turned out. A very special day with beautiful images that we will cherish always!”

Mother breastfeeding Baby girl black and white

Baby girl in pink with bunny

3 month old baby girl in Dad's arms    Dad and Daughter B&W


Mommy and Daughter smiles on bed

Baby girl in crib

Mommy Daddy and Baby Sleeping in Sling