Watching Olivia grow

May 24, 2016

Photographer Julia: Olivia was one of the very first newborns I photographed after starting my own baby photography business. I was still very nervous, not necessarily about the photography part since I’d been a professional photographer for many years at that point, and It also wasn’t about handling this tiny human being, because I had been photographing newborns for a couple of years for a different company before starting my own business, it was more about the weight of the task at hand. 


I was faced with the responsibility of coming into this very friendly family home and knowing that right in that moment they were counting on me to capture this special time in their lives and that the resulting photos would be an important piece of their family history. No pressure, right? I had to show them that I was confident and could deliver under the pressure of such a big moment. Luckily Olivia was very easy and absolutely adorable during our first session – awake during most of the time, and then asleep for a bit – the perfect combo for a well rounded session.


03 04

Olivia’s mom, Melissa, must have been very happy with the pictures because she had me return for photo sessions many times: 6 months session, Holiday Session, Fall Session, Smash the Cake Session. Whatever the occasion was, she made sure it was captured by me. Lucky me, I got to see Olivia every few months and watch as she slowly grew into a beautiful little girl. She has a very fun and energetic personality. As a photographer it can get quite physical trying to keep up with toddlers. And Olivia loves running, dancing, squirming around…

This is her 6 month session

01 02

her first Christmas

01 02 03

her 1 year Smash the Cake Session



01 02 03

her 2nd Christmas

01 02

a stroll through the park in the fall

01 02

As you know, I left New York recently to move back to Germany, where I’m from. Shortly after, Olivia turned two and I was devastated that I wasn’t going to be able to see and photograph her! I’m so glad I now have Franzi to fill my shoes. Franzi is so amazing and she did such a good job with my little Olivia.

Her two year session taken by Franzi:

01  03 04 05 06

I hope that there will be many years to come for us and Olivia and that some day we will photograph her wedding and maybe even her baby! Ok, that might be a stretch because that will be about 25 years from now. But one can dream right?

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